Who we are



PREVENOR was founded in 1999 following the entry into force in Spain of the new Occupational Risk Prevention Act (“Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales”). The company is authorised to operate nationwide, and is currently the benchmark external risk prevention service in the Basque Country. It holds recognitions from numerous economic and social stakeholders and from the public authorities.

In our long business career, we have worked with thousands of firms of all sizes and from all sectors, including industry, construction and services. At PREVENOR, we have the experience required to specialise and cater for the individual needs of each customer.

Individual service is provided on the basis of a detailed study of each production process and the regulations applicable in each case. We also strive to minimise the costs arising from the corrective and preventive measures proposed.

Our workforce

trabajor-prevenor PREVENOR is staffed by qualified experts in a range of specialist technical areas (engineering, occupational medicine, chemistry, law, etc.). They are all certified high-level occupational risk prevention officers, and have the support of an efficient administrative staff. Together they form a perfectly-balanced multi-disciplinary team capable of offering the legal and professional services required in each case.

Thanks to our clearly-defined methods and carefully-thought-out policy of ongoing retraining, the technical staff of PREVENOR are continually updating their skills and incorporating new specialist fields in risk prevention (safety in the workplace, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, occupational medicine, etc.) into the day-to-day tasks performed for customers.

Equipment & facilities

At PREVENOR we can bring to bear whatever resources may be considered necessary to do our job properly, over and above those required by the regulations in force.

We have precision equipment for measuring health risks (noise, dust, vibration, heat stress, etc.) and ergonomic risks, and for conducting specific medical examinations (hearing tests, spirometries, electro-cardiograms, vision tests, etc.).

As well as working in the field, PREVENOR can also conduct checks in its own and contracted offices and medical facilities all over the Basque Country.


selloacreditacionOCA 9001
We hold a UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, and can boast a comprehensive knowledge of our local market. At PREVENOR our methods enable customers to comply easily with compulsory occupational risk prevention regulations, regardless of the size of each company or its area of activity.

:: See the Prevenor Quality Policy