IMQ Bienstar

IMQ Bienstar is a digital platform set up by the IMQ Group to provide a host of services for a working/family life balance.

Here you will find:

  • healthcare services (to cater for our health, such as dentists, medical tests, a range of specialities etc..
  • social healthcare services (services and/or products to care for the elderly such as home food deliveries, day centres, carers, special beds etc).
  • Also a range of services to cater for our own welfare and all the family too, with hundreds of offers of food, beauty, sports, fashion, travel at incredible prices, and leading brands such as those below and many more besides.

Employees at companies that are PREVENOR customers, and their direct relations (parents, brothers/sisters, sons/daughters) have free access to this platform to take up special discounts.

Access is very simple – simply click on any part of the image below, and you will be able to browse through the platform, and you can download a voucher and gain access to the service and/or retailer you want, as many times as you like.

You also have direct access to the website at